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Pros and cons of marriage from a man's point of view - why he does, and does NOT want to get married.

Pros and Cons of Marriage from a Man’s Point of View

MARRIAGE - What a big decision it seems right? You may be thinking that we men are lucky because we ...
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why won't he marry me? Why won't he propose?

Why Won’t He Marry Me?

What Is Keeping Him From Popping the Question? So many women spend an inordinate amount of time trying to analyze ...
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should you give your boyfriend an ultimatum to marry you? Maybe yes... maybe not - depends on some very important factors

Should I Give Him an Ultimatum?

Sometimes, things come to a head, and it may feel like it’s time to issue some ultimatums in your romantic ...
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The age-old question of “Why won’t he commit” has no single answer. Since every guy is different (although they all seem to be cut from the same cloth at times), it’s hard to generalize about the reasons why he’s so wary of making a commitment to you.

Why Won’t He Commit?!?!?

The age-old question of “Why won’t he commit” has no single answer. Since every guy is different (although they all ...
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How to make any man love you forever

Ever Miss a Guy That Was Horrible To You?

It’s a weird phenomenon when you KNOW you shouldn’t be with a certain guy, and you don’t even want to ...
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What’s The Best Age To Get Married?

I was reading this old article over at Cosmo (I know, I shouldn’t read that…lol) that talked about the so-called ...
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What If He Says He’s Not The Marrying Type?

Ever heard a guy say, “I’m not the marrying kind”? I know I sure have! So what does it mean ...
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I Want To Get Engaged and He Doesn’t – Now What? How Do I Change His Mind?

It can be a very emotional time when you’re involved in what you feel is a committed relationship with a ...
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How to Get a Man to Open Up

We’ve always known that men are wired differently. Women love the pep talk; men don’t – so don’t expect the ...
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Why Won’t He Call Me? Did I Do Something Wrong?

Let me ask if the following scenario rings familiar for those reading this article: So you went out on a ...
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How To Get Him To Propose

It’s hard enough finding a man and it’s even harder to get him down on his knees offering you a ...
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First Date Tips for Women

First date? Awesome! It’s exciting AND nerve-wrecking, isn’t it? And Lord knows, you sure don’t want to make any first ...
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How To Become His Girlfriend – The Simple Steps

Feel like you’re stuck in that nasty limbo space where you’re spending a lot of time with your new guy, ...
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My Ex Won’t Talk To Me – What Should I Do?

Many times readers email me and ask, “Why won’t me ex-boyfriend talk to me??” It’s a frustrating experience, that’s for ...
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