Pros and cons of marriage from a man's point of view - why he does, and does NOT want to get married.

Pros and Cons of Marriage from a Man’s Point of View

Pros and cons of marriage from a man's point of view - why he does, and does NOT want to get married.MARRIAGE – What a big decision it seems right? You may be thinking that we men are lucky because we don’t really have to go through this point in our lives. Well you are quite wrong about that.

We men also go through this big decision in our lives.

That’s right, contrary to popular belief, men want to get married too.

But before a man asks a woman to get married, there are things that he takes into consideration. He thinks about these things thoroughly and he weighs the pros and cons of getting married.

Marriage is a big thing for everyone and it must be taken as seriously as we can. When a man or a woman decides to get married, he or she must consider a lot of factors first. Pros and cons of getting married must be taken into consideration.

What exactly are the pros and cons of getting married for guys?


One BIG reason men never want to get married.  Applies to why some women don• LOSS OF FREEDOM. This is the most common thing that you would see in any pros and cons of getting married list. How is this so? Well, as we all know, when a man is single, he has the liberty to go out whenever he wants. He could also spend his money on things that he likes without thinking twice. When he gets married, things change. He loses the privilege of being free to act on what he likes. He doesn’t only live for himself now. He must consider his wife and his new family.

How to make any man love you forever

There are things that we get used to when we are single and some of these things unfortunately don’t work out when we decide to get married. Ergo, we compromise. But being the difficult people that we are, the ego that we have makes it difficult to bend down or to give in. The idea of compromising alone is already dreadful.

• THE “NEW” FAMILY. When you decide to tie knots, you marry not only one person but you also her family. If you go well with your in-laws, good for you. However, there are some who unfortunately don’t. Not only do you have to adjust to living with your wife, you also have to try and mingle with this “new” family that you have earned after signing that piece of paper they call the “marriage contract.”

Reasons men DO want to get married (and the reasons why men do NOT want to get married)


• THE PEACE OF MIND THAT SHE’S ALL YOURS. Now that you are married, you now have an exclusive claim to the woman you love. She is yours in the eyes of the world. You now have someone who will take care of you, have good times with and go home to after a day of tiring work.

• FINANCIAL STABILITY. Yes, you read it right. And no, I am not referring to money gain in a conniving and sinister way (like when you end up marrying a daughter of a very wealthy CEO). When you are married, you gain a partner-someone you can count on. Yes, having a family also means more people to feed and more needs to meet but couples could work together to attain their goals. How many couples have become successful by running a family and a business together? Think of the Zagats and the Spades.

• LITTLE ANGELS. Face it, among the pros and cons of getting married, this one is the most adorable. Of course, you can have kids even when you’re out of wedlock. But, this makes your kids illegitimate children. The world is cruel and no matter how open the world today is, it is still a fact that children born out of wedlock are treated differently by the society. Being married gives you the right to have children and let them “legally” wear your name.

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