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Why Won't He Marry Me?

What Is Keeping Him From Popping the Question?

So many women spend an inordinate amount of time trying to analyze the reasons why their boyfriends won’t pop the question and finally commit.

The *right* man WILL propose...

Women who have so much love to give, and who labor intensely to make their men happy, simply want the wedding ring, the white picket fence, and all of the stability, security and love that marriage is supposed to bring.

First of all, it’s very important for women to realize that there is nothing wrong with wanting boyfriends to marry them. This urge is a natural one, and it’s also enhanced by years of conditioning.

Women often believe that they just “aren’t good enough” if a man won’t get down on bended knee and propose.

Part of the problem is society’s cruel view of single ladies, who may be viewed as “old maids” or “spinsters”. This spinster image is a remnant of the Victorian Age, when life was very different. Today, women are independent, and they needn’t give in to these archaic ideas about who they should be and what their marital status should be.

In addition, everywhere that they look, women are also bombarded with romantic ads for luxury diamond rings, romantic honeymoons, and other wedding-related products and services. Sometimes, it may feel like every woman in the world but you will have the chance to live out her dreams by planning a beautiful wedding with all of the bells and whistles.

It’s VERY easy to become all-consumed with WHY he won’t just ask you to marry him. It’s seems the natural course that your relationship is taking, right?

Let’s talk about things YOU can do to help with this situation….and the things that just might be going on inside his mind…

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