Why Won’t He Call Me? Did I Do Something Wrong?

Let me ask if the following scenario rings familiar for those reading this article:

So you went out on a great date, or what you assumed was a great date. You did everything right. You were flirting. You wore the right outfit. The shirt was low-cut, but not too low-cut. The jeans fit nicely on you. You smelled great. You smiled. You told him you had a good time. You made yourself available, open and honest. When you got home, you called one of your friends. You told her what a great time you had and that you were eager to see him again.

The very next day, you expected the phone call. You thought to yourself, “I know he’s going to call. He had a good time. He looked at me at the end. Everything seemed perfect.”

But … the day passed, and the phone never rang. You checked your e-mail that night thinking he might have emailed you—he didn’t. The following day, you called your friends about it, reviewed the entire date, everything you said, trying to figure out what his reactions were, and maybe—just maybe—what you said or did that turned him off….

Sound familiar? Ever have what YOU thought was a great date…he SAID he will call you, but the he never actually calls?

Yep, happens all the time!

How to make any man love you forever

Did YOU do something wrong in his eyes? Is there a real reason why he didn’t call?

Let’s talk about it.

Why he stopped calling...First off, what if he DID call you only to say that he never plans to call you or ask you out again. Now THAT would be a nightmare, wouldn’t it?

If his reasoning behind not calling is simply that he’s just not into you or seeing you again, consider it a blessing to not get a call that is humiliating like that.

Now, some guys will say they will call you, but then don’t, for more ‘pleasant’ reasons. Believe it or not, some guys are shy and feel awkward making that first call to set things in motion for future time together.

There is a lot of pressure on men, and rejection is something they are very uncomfortable with all will avoid at all costs.

Is it possible he doesn’t think YOU are that into HIM?

If so, then it’s possible he won’t make that call to your out of fear of rejection. If you really do want to see him again, you might have to make the first move to let him know it’s safe and you are not going to reject him.

Other than that, there are lots of reasons why he’s not calling you.

Watch this video to get some insight into major reasons why.

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