What’s The Best Age To Get Married?

I was reading this old article over at Cosmo (I know, I shouldn’t read that…lol) that talked about the so-called “best age” to get married.

According to the article, you should wait until you are at least 25 before tying the knot. Supposedly, those that wait til this age or later have a better chance of a successful marriage.

Hmmmm… ya really think so? Let’s talk about this.

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What’s The Best Age To Get Married?

When I got married the first time, I was 20 years old. In all respects, still a kid. Naturally, I thought I was grown up enough for that commitment, but in hindsight, I was FAR from ready.

At 20, you know VERY little about yourself….how can you share a life with someone when you don’t even know how to live with yourself yet?

However, I know plenty of couples that married young and have done well for years and years with no signs of stopping.

Can age REALLY matter that much?

I was 38 (ok, a month shy of 39) when I married my Mr Perfect and yes, I knew MUCH more about myself, the world, and about relationships.

But ultimately, it’s what I learned about myself that I feel makes the biggest difference as well as learning a lot about men and how they are.

What’s The Best Age To Get Married?

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The best thing I learned was that it was MY job to make myself happy. It’s no one’s job but mine. Oddly, that simple lesson helped me tremendously and it’s funny how much happier I am knowing it’s not HIS job to make me happy.

Since I am a strong and independent woman who takes control of her own destiny and happiness, this takes the pressure off HIM – which, in turn, makes it easier for him to do things that really do make me feel happy and loved.

I know it’s counter-intuitive, but it really works. Stop making HIM responsible for your happiness and he’ll end up making you happier than words can express.

I just don’t really think it’s an age thing – I think it’s a mentality that can be learned at any age.

What do YOU think?