Where should you get married? Unique wedding location venue ideas #weddingideas

Where Should You Get Married?

If you’re getting married, then one of the most important issues to consider will be your wedding venue. If you haven’t chosen where you want to get married yet, then here’s what you might want to consider.

Where should you get married?  Wedding venue ideas1. You might be getting married at one venue, and then holding your reception at another, or you might want to choose somewhere that has a marriage license, so that you don’t have to move your guests after the ceremony itself.

2. Perhaps you’ve already got a specific venue in mind. You might have specific personal requirements, or need to bear in mind the requirements of your guests.

3. The time of year that you are getting married can also play important part of deciding where to get married. Summer weddings tend to be more popular, and so booked up sooner and more expensive, but if you want to get married in the summer, then you’ll need to book your venue as soon as possible.

4. Perhaps you’ll also need to establish whether your wedding date or wedding venue is more important. You might want to be flexible about the date but not the venue, or want the date and not be too fussy about where you get married.

5. Perhaps you’ll be looking for a venue you’ll both fall in love with, like, a hotel you’ve stayed out, or venue in a town that means somewhere to you. Perhaps you’ll focus more on the actual event of getting married itself, and so are less concerned about spending a fortune on a lavish venue that will impress others more than you.

6. Your wedding menu will be important, and so you’ll want to make sure that the first meal after you’re married will be something you enjoy and remember. You’ll also need to make sure that any dietary requirements are taken care of too.

wedding venue ideas - unique places to get married

7. Choosing a wedding venue with either attached or local accommodation, will mean that any guests travelling from afar can stay over if they want to.

8. Although perhaps not the most important consideration, you might want to choose a wedding venue that’s easy and convenient to get to, so that more of the guests you invite will be able to attend. Perhaps those that don’t drive, or who are elderly will find it much more difficult to get to your country hotel, or remote island wedding.

9. You’ll want to spend your special day in special surroundings, and so you’ll want to have the things that are important to you around you on your wedding day. Why would you choose to get married somewhere that doesn’t mean anything to you, or that you have chosen to please other people rather than yourselves?

Barn wedding idea - where to get married - unique wedding venue ideas

10. When you get married, you’ll want to enjoy the most important day in your lives, rather than thinking about trying to save some money. Why not make sure that you have everything you want, and that your family and friends can make it? Although you may have a budget, money shouldn’t be the deciding factor when you’re planning your wedding.

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