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Wedding Day Timeline Planner – Your Wedding Day Schedule

Getting married? If so, congrats!!! I bet you’re also stressing a little bit about what time you should start doing your hair and makeup (the bride HAS to be ready, right?), what time your wedding vendors should show up to start setting up for your wedding and reception, what time to do pictures, etc, etc ETC.

Good news! No need to stress at all!

Right here, on this very page, is the “perfect” Wedding Day Timeline that you can adjust for your specific wedding time.

Hope it helps!

Wedding Day Time Planner for the Perfect Wedding Day #weddingplanner #weddingideas #weddingdaytimeline

Wedding Days Timeline Tips

Every bride wishes for the perfect wedding day, but the reality is that sometimes things go wrong. Don’t set your expectations too high. One way to ensure that things run smoothly is to develop a wedding day timeline to refer to when things get hectic. Be sure to give it to people who may help you with the details. Here’s a guide to creating your timeline.

Make Your Wedding Day Game Plan

Be sure your wedding day timeline includes all of these important wedding things:

__ Determine what needs to be done before the wedding. Brainstorm everything that needs to happen before the ceremony related to your attire, your rings, the decorations, getting people where they need to be, the photographer, etc. Write down all these details.

__ Next, determine what needs to happen after the ceremony. Will you take photos after the ceremony? Will you have to travel to the reception location? Give all these details some thought and write them down.

__ Decide what needs to be done for the reception. Are there any details that need to be tended to before the reception? Who is going to take care of paying the caterer and other hired help?

__ Who will be master of ceremonies in the case you are still taking photos? Who will check on the details such as the cake, the guest book, favors, etc?

__ Determine who will do what. Recruit some help. Here’s a suggested list of people you will need to tend to details on your wedding day:

__ Someone to gather personal belongings after the ceremony.

__ Someone to move the flowers and gifts to the reception.

__ Someone to place the place cards and hold the master seating chart at the reception.

__ Someone to serve as master of ceremonies.

__ Someone to help the photographer be sure all candid photos are taken.

__ Someone to cut the cake.

__ Someone to have guests sign the guest book.

__ Someone to do handouts: programs, directions, wedding favors.

__ A coordinator to send the attendants down the aisle.

__ Someone to take the top tier off the wedding cake.

__ Someone to gather any rental items, the bride’s dress, your bouquet, your guest book, and gifts.

__ A few people to gather disposable cameras, extra favors, programs, etc.

__ Someone to pay the caterer, photographer, deejay, etc.

__ Someone to return any rental items such as tuxedos, rented equipment, etc.

__ Someone to take your dress for preservation.

Here are some tips for making things easier on your wedding day:

· Get up early and EAT breakfast. You’ll need the energy.

· Go to you hair and makeup appointment. Be sure to wear a button down shirt or a tank top so you don’t mess up your hair and makeup when you get dressed.

· Gather your bridal party at the wedding location to dress about two hours before the ceremony.

· Have the florist have bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres waiting at the ceremony location.

· Take any photos before the wedding that you can to save time. Take all the groomsmen and bridesmaid photos, the family photos, and the separate bride and groom photos before the ceremony.

· RELAX and enjoy your day!

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