should you give your boyfriend an ultimatum to marry you? Maybe yes... maybe not - depends on some very important factors

Should I Give Him an Ultimatum?

Sometimes, things come to a head, and it may feel like it’s time to issue some ultimatums in your romantic relationship. Ultimatums should occur after a long and thorough thinking phase; they should never be rash or impulsive. After all, if you’re prepared to offer him an ultimatum, you need to be prepared to live with the emotional consequences if things don’t go your way.
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Ultimatums can back fire! Use with extreme caution…

This guy loved the girl he was with but KNEW he wasn’t going to ever marry her… No ultimatum would help. He tells you what happened here.

The reverse ultimatum - does it work to get a guy to propose and commit?When it comes to ultimatums, there is a really good chance that things won’t work out the way you want them to.

Sometimes, ultimatums backfire terribly, when other methods, such as honest communication, expressions of love and trust, and relationship counseling might have been able to stop a painful breakup from happening.

Often, women end up heartbroken because they’ve pushed too hard, too soon.

While ultimatums may clear the air (and eventually bring closure), they are risky propositions for any woman who is in love with a man; knowing whether or not you should issue an ultimatum in not really possible, because it depends on your relationship with him.

How to make any man love you forever

Should YOU give him an ultimatum? Is your situation right for it – or will you be setting yourself up for disaster?

This guy has some great insight and answers to those very questions.
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