How To Get Him To Propose

It’s hard enough finding a man and it’s even harder to get him down on his knees offering you a lifetime of happiness. A lot of men are nonchalant towards tying the knot mainly because forty to fifty percent of marriages end up in divorce.

While there are some things that you can do to give your man a little nudge, you have to know if he sees himself getting married and having a family of his own in the near future otherwise you are depriving yourself in finding a man who would love to marry you.

How to get your boyfriend to propose to youLove is never enough for a guy to get married. There are certain factors that they also consider.

When a man is ready and willing to commit, you don’t have to do anything to lead him to that road. Knowing where you stand in his life and his future will tell you if it’s worth waiting for him. If a guy talks to you about settling down someday, chances are you are the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

So… how to get him to propose?

Read the following tips below that will make your man ask your hand in marriage without giving him a shameless ultimatum:

1.) Talk about your future with him in it without giving him the idea that you are expecting a proposal. When guys make a decision to marry somebody, they want to do it without anyone manipulating them in doing so. An indirect approach is the way to do it but make sure you take baby steps. If you like writing him cards why not include phrases like “I can’t imagine my life without you in it”, “A future without you means nothing” or “I’m so glad I found somebody whom I can share my life with”. Wait how he responds. If he brings it up in a conversation then you know you’ve hit the nail on its head.

Do not talk to him what your dream wedding is unless he asks you about it. Sometimes women get so giddy when they see a beautiful wedding dress or when they hear about the perfect wedding destination and they blurt out stuff without knowing that they are making their man so uncomfortable. The wedding talks should be reserved for your girl friends.

2.) Don’t move in with him unless he talks about marrying you in the near future. Giving the guy all the benefits of being married before you say “I do” is a ticket to heartbreak and unmet expectations down the road. Don’t start acting like his wife unless you are.

Proven ways to find and love and get married in a year.When a guy is really into you, he won’t play games. He will never drag it because he is too scared that someone better will come along and that guy will snatch you from him. When a man finally finds the woman of his dreams, he will do everything to keep her and that includes tying the knot with her. When a man wants to marry you, he would give you that ring and won’t suggest that you have a “trial” period of living together. While I don’t see anything wrong in moving in with a guy, if you are expecting him to propose anytime soon, don’t do it.

3.) Make him realize what a wonderful wife you’re going to be. There are so many ways on how to make a man to adore you and one of which is to cook for him. If you don’t know how to cook, then learn! Be his dream girl but don’t try to hard that he’s going to think you are being weird or fake. Make sure that you are having fun whenever you’re together. Be that person he can talk to with just about anything without the fear of being judged. Be his number one fan and be supportive in everything he does.

The next time you ask “how do I get him to propose?” you know that the easiest way is to be his dream girl who inspires him and loves him for who he really is.

If you REALLY want him to propose and can’t figure out why he WON’T propose… Watch this quick video for more tips and help.

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