Ever Miss a Guy That Was Horrible To You?

It’s a weird phenomenon when you KNOW you shouldn’t be with a certain guy, and you don’t even want to be with him, but yet you have these moments when you actually miss him.

Have you ever experienced that?

It’s not abnormal to have moments of missing your ex…

Ever missed an ex that was NOT good to you? Here's what might be happening I’ve been in relationships that were 100% wrong for me on so many levels…. probably even bad for me…and sometimes, I have these moments where what we had comes back to my in such a vivid and happy way that it just plain freaks me out.

It brings me to a shuddering questioning realization, “Oh my God, what if I was meant to be with him?”

After reading up on the topic and really thinking about it, I’ve learned that those feelings have very, very little to do with the guy in question OR that relationship, but everything to do with ME.

Those feelings are normal – especially when you’re not 100% happy relationship-wise at that exact moment. When we feel lost or confused, it’s natural for our brains to take us back to a happier time.

No, it wasn’t a BETTER time or a BETTER relationship… it’s just a simple way for our brain to give us a “pep” and remember how we felt when we were happy.

And yes, even if he was really nasty to you, there were some happy times at one point or another.

But the bottom line about these memories isn’t about HIM…. it’s about you and YOU felt at a previous happy time.

WHO we were with at that time is irrelevant.

It’s totally normal to have these feelings of missing your ex from time to time. Just be really careful that you don’t let those feelings consume you as you might be using those memories as an escape mechanism – and that’s not healthy to use past memories to escape your present reality.

Leave those memories – and that relationship – where it’s meant to be… in the PAST. That relationship is over for a reason, and you know why it’s over so don’t let those memories and feelings change what is over to a “What If” that could mess you up big time.

No man wants to be with a woman who gives off even a slight impression that she isn’t over someone from her past.

Wonder what men DO want?

Just watch this quick video and a MAN will tell you.

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