Ever Miss a Guy That Was Horrible To You?

It’s a weird phenomenon when you KNOW you shouldn’t be with a certain guy, and you don’t even want to be with him, but yet you have these moments when you actually miss him.

Have you ever experienced that?

It’s not abnormal to have moments of missing your ex…

Ever missed an ex that was NOT good to you? Here's what might be happening I’ve been in relationships that were 100% wrong for me on so many levels…. probably even bad for me…and sometimes, I have these moments where what we had comes back to my in such a vivid and happy way that it just plain freaks me out.

It brings me to a shuddering questioning realization, “Oh my God, what if I was meant to be with him?”

After reading up on the topic and really thinking about it, I’ve learned that those feelings have very, very little to do with the guy in question OR that relationship, but everything to do with ME.

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