Inexpensive Wedding Reception Ideas - a tree-lined driveway makes for a beautiful outdoor wedding reception area

Budget Wedding Reception Ideas for the Couple Trying To Save Money

If you’re on a budget yet still want to have an AMAZING wedding reception, there are some tips and tricks to planning a budget wedding reception. Below are some pictures of my favorite budget wedding reception ideas as well as some advice on keeping your wedding reception affordable while still having the best day of your life.

Budget Wedding Recpetion Ideas - cute and cheap idea for the kids table

The reception is probably one of the main events in a wedding. Couples find themselves having to pay for everything which makes it a heavy burden; however, having a dream reception can still be possible if the couple chooses to take a different approach by having their guests contribute with their talents and their support.

Cheap Wedding Reception Ideas - Simple fabric can make all the difference in your wedding reception decorations

Finding an inexpensive place to have a reception can be a challenge. Keep in mind that many churches have their own reception hall and rent it for a lesser fee than most other places.

Inexpensive Wedding Reception Ideas - a tree-lined driveway makes for a beautiful outdoor wedding reception area

To decorate the hall for your wedding reception, have some of your relatives or friends create the decorations. You’ll be amazed at how creative and talented people are. Your loved ones won’t charge you what a professional will.

Cute and cheap idea for an outdoor wedding reception

A small wedding can comfortably fit in a relatives backyard saving you even more in reception hall expenses. You can even save more if you make use of their own chairs and tables. Ask your loved ones for extra borrowed chairs and tables as needed.

Brilliant Wedding Reception Idea!  Have your guests fill out their name and address on your Thank You card envelopes - such a TIME SAVER!

Since the biggest cost at a wedding is the food, consider a potluck. As you send out your invitations make sure to include a special note giving your guests the option of bringing a present or a dish. You’ll be surprised at the amazing response you’ll get. Request a reply so you can monitor how much food you’ll be getting.

Wedding Reception Ideas - have an Instagram table with instant camera - let guest paste their pictures and write in your wedding book

Having a relative or acquaintance make the food for your wedding is another way to cut down your spending. Your bridesmaids and groomsmen can serve the food to all the guests. Other loved ones will always offer to help as well.

Budget Ideas for your Wedding Reception - cheap airplane bottles from your local liquor store make for great seating cards

Many couples feel discouraged when planning their wedding because of the high cost of it, but with some innovative and resourceful people around you, a wonderful low budget wedding reception can be accomplished.

Cheap idea for wedding reception gifts for your guests

Family members are always willing to pitch in and help with food, decorations, an area for the reception, etc… You don’t need to fall deep in debt, make your wedding a family affair, you’ll cherish the memories even more.

Love this wedding reception idea - every guest shares their fingerprint to make a family tree for the bride and groom

Each of our family member’s wedding receptions have been wonderful events, and while family and friends always pitched in, the cost has never expensive at all. When planning for YOUR wedding reception, don’t concentrate on all of the fancy details and spending a ton of money, instead concentrate on creating an unforgettable day with family and friends.

Budget Wedding Ideas - Use a pallet for decorating your outdoor wedding.  Great for a rustic or country themed wedding!

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