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julies-pictureHi! I’m Julie and welcome to Project Commitment! We’re here to help you get the relationship you deserve – from finding love to getting you down the aisle directly into your happily ever after. Want to get married? Have you been wondering why he won’t propose? Looking for some stunning and unique engagement ring ideas? Wish you could get back together with your ex? Need unique wedding ideas – or ideas for wedding hairstyles? I’ve got all that covered – I’ve been there and done ALL of that. I even have some beautiful wedding idea pictures at the bottom of this page.

Where should you get married? Unique wedding location venue ideas #weddingideas

Where Should You Get Married?

If you're getting married, then one of the most important issues to consider will be your wedding venue. If you ...
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Wedding haristyle ideas for bride, bridesmaids, maid of honor, mother of the bride, and flower girls. Updos, buns, long wedding hair and more #weddingideas #bridesmaidhair #bridehairstyles #hairstyles #braidedhairstyles #promhair

Wedding Hairstyles

These are a lot of my favorite wedding hairstyle, bride hair ideas, and bridesmaid hairstyle ideas - also great prom ...
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Beuatiful engagement rings - unique engagement ring ideas #weddingideas #bridesmaidhair #bridehairstyles #hairstyles #braidedhairstyles #promhair

Engagement Ring Ideas

My favorite unique diamond engagement ring ideas! Which engagement ring do YOU want? Are you going to buy it from ...
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Wedding idea you will LOVE! Unique ideas for your wedding - wedding planning #weddingideas

Wedding Ideas You’re Gonna LOVE

Weddings, Weddings, WEDDINGS! I love wedding planning and seeing all the amazing wedding ideas and wedding colors and all that ...
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How to make any man love you forever

From dating to love to getting engaged to getting down the aisle and married…

That’s what I do here at ProjectCommitment.com

Getting to 'I Do' with help from ProjectCommitment.com

We ladies ALL want one of these stunning diamond engagement rings, don’t we?

Gorgeous Channel Set Diamond Engagement RingThat’s a gorgeous engagement ring, isn’t it?

I found it on this web page.

BUT, before we get the ring… we gotta get the guy  😉

Now please understand, I don’t mean we have to manipulate a man to marry us – we’re too awesome for that.

Did you know there are 3 text messages you should NEVER send your ex?

If you want your ex back, then you need to be careful how you go about it so you don’t mess it all up for good.

In fact, any strong relationship needs careful work and effort…

We women DO need to understand men better in order to also get the things we want.

Like a gorgeous engagement ring… and a wedding… and our Happily Ever After.

If you’re curious AND truly serious about understanding your man better – or ANY man better – listen to what this man has to say – it WILL help.

Otherwise, here are some really helpful articles on Project Commitment:

Wedding UpDo Hairstyles - stunning UpDo hair ideas for the bride, bridesmaids or wedding guest

Wedding UpDo Hairstyles for the Bride or Bridesmaids

When it comes to wedding hairstyles trends, we LOVE the classic yet elegant wedding updo. Such a gorgeous and romantic hairstyle idea for the bride, the bridesmaids or even as a guest at a wedding or formal event. The updo ...
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Inexpensive Wedding Reception Ideas - a tree-lined driveway makes for a beautiful outdoor wedding reception area

Budget Wedding Reception Ideas for the Couple Trying To Save Money

If you're on a budget yet still want to have an AMAZING wedding reception, there are some tips and tricks to planning a budget wedding reception. Below are some pictures of my favorite budget wedding reception ideas as well as ...
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Country Wedding Ideas #weddingideas

Country Wedding Ideas For a Perfect Country-Themed Wedding

Country-themed wedding ideas I L-O-V-E! Pictures and ideas for a country wedding for your perfect day. Attire Since the atmosphere of the countryside promotes ease and relaxation, the best kinds of attire are those that speak of comfort. Sundresses, khakis, ...
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DIY sunflower wedding receptions centerpieces ideas #rusticwedding #weddingideas #diywedding #sunflowerwedding #weddinginspiration

Sunflower Centerpieces – DIY Sunflower Centerpiece Ideas for Your Wedding, Bridal Shower or Reception

Sunflower centerpieces and sunflower table arrangements are one of our favorite wedding decorating ideas. PERFECT for a rustic wedding! Sunflower table centerpieces are also perfect for bridal showers, wedding receptions, bridesmaid luncheons or your rehearsal dinner. Sunflowers certainly have a ...
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Wedding Planning Checklist, Tips and HELP - #weddingideas #weddingplanner #diywedding

Wedding Planning Tips and Checklist For Your DIY Wedding

Congratulations on your engagement. Now it's time to go to work and plan the wedding of your dreams. With a little preparation (and a sense of Humor!) there is no need to act like a bridezilla. Here is a wedding ...
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Will You Be My Bridesmaid or Maid of Honor Ideas: Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas - DIY ideas for asking bridesmaids to Be My Bridesmaid - maid of honor proposal ideas - quotes and poems too #bridesmaids #willyoubemybridesmaid #bridesmaidproposals #weddingideas #maidofhonor #weddingplanner #diywedding

28+ DIY Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas (and Maid of Honor Proposal Ideas Too)

Cute & Creative Ways to Ask Bridesmaids and Your Maid of Honor Are you ready to start asking your bridesmaids "Will YOU Be my Bridesmaid?" and propose to your maid of honor in hopes they'll say YES and stand next ...
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Long hair braided hairstyle ideas

Braided Hairstyles Ideas for Brides and Bridesmaids

I LOVE the romantic look of long hair in braids, don't you! Add in some baby's breath and it's a gorgeous look for the bride and her bridesmaids. Here are some of my favorite unique braid hairstyle ideas. Below is ...
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Wedding day timeline #weddingideas #diywedding #weddingplanner #weddingdaytimeline

Wedding Day Timeline Planner – Your Wedding Day Schedule

Getting married? If so, congrats!!! I bet you're also stressing a little bit about what time you should start doing your hair and makeup (the bride HAS to be ready, right?), what time your wedding vendors should show up to ...
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Ever Miss a Guy That Was Horrible To You?

It’s a weird phenomenon when you KNOW you shouldn’t be with a certain guy, and you don’t even want to be with him, but yet you have these moments when you actually miss him. Have you ever experienced that? It's ...
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What’s The Best Age To Get Married?

I was reading this old article over at Cosmo (I know, I shouldn’t read that…lol) that talked about the so-called “best age” to get married. According to the article, you should wait until you are at least 25 before tying ...
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What If He Says He’s Not The Marrying Type?

Ever heard a guy say, “I’m not the marrying kind”? I know I sure have! So what does it mean if YOUR man says that to YOU? Let’s talk about what that little statement might mean in the big picture ...
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I Want To Get Engaged and He Doesn’t – Now What? How Do I Change His Mind?

It can be a very emotional time when you’re involved in what you feel is a committed relationship with a mutual long-term goal of marriage – and he doesn’t. What do you do if YOU want to get engaged and ...
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How to Get a Man to Open Up

We’ve always known that men are wired differently. Women love the pep talk; men don’t – so don’t expect the guy you are currently seeing to tell you what went down with him and his ex-girlfriend. Some people say that ...
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Why Won’t He Call Me? Did I Do Something Wrong?

Let me ask if the following scenario rings familiar for those reading this article: So you went out on a great date, or what you assumed was a great date. You did everything right. You were flirting. You wore the ...
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How To Get Him To Propose

It’s hard enough finding a man and it’s even harder to get him down on his knees offering you a lifetime of happiness. A lot of men are nonchalant towards tying the knot mainly because forty to fifty percent of ...
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First Date Tips for Women

First date? Awesome! It’s exciting AND nerve-wrecking, isn’t it? And Lord knows, you sure don’t want to make any first date mistakes, do ya? There are lots of books out there that tell you what NOT to do... but how ...
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How To Become His Girlfriend – The Simple Steps

Feel like you’re stuck in that nasty limbo space where you’re spending a lot of time with your new guy, but he won’t use the “girlfriend” word? Kinda stinks, doesn’t it? So, how can you get from friends to being ...
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My Ex Won’t Talk To Me – What Should I Do?

Many times readers email me and ask, “Why won’t me ex-boyfriend talk to me??” It’s a frustrating experience, that’s for sure… especially if he’ll LOOK at you in social situations, but won’t TALK to you. It sucks to feel ignored, ...
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Does He REALLY Love You?  Are You SURE?  Here's how to know...

DREAM Wedding Ideas

Rather dream about, or plan, your dream wedding?

Take a look at my latest favorite wedding ideas from my Wedding EVERYTHING board on Pinterest.